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Bodhi Linux Project Leader Stepping Down

First, thank you Jeff. Bodhi is truly an amazing Linux distro. Bodhi is one of the best low resource distros available. It is an Ubuntu spin that smoothly integrates the Enlightenment desktop……Genius. I used Bodhi to run my academic laptop when I only had very old kit. I also used it to recycle old laptops for elderly, 1st time computer users. It allowed me to give away laptops to people who needed them but could not afford to spend hundreds of quid on a fixed budget.

Bodhi is also a study in volunteering. Many Linx distros are developed and maintained by teams of volunteers….It seemed Jeff did not have a massive team to share the responsibility of maintaining a global Linux distribution.
In our era of neoliberal common sense and values we often overlook the social and cultural power of a common wealth of information. It seems the digital commonwealth is shrinking. It is becoming ever more privatised and closed to public consumption. In the digital Commonwealth software, is open and malleable, instructions, information and lessons are freely available. To participate and contribute to the Commonwealth is an act of global, civic responsibility. Jeff certainly did his civic duty.

Even when our actions are local, participation in the digital commonwealth makes them global. In our age of neoliberal common sense digital technology and its development is a central focus. There is a pressing need to be more vigilant in defending and maintaining both the digital commonwealth as well as the commonwealth of nations.

The Rabbit Hole that is Conky

I have posted quite a bit about the Conky system monitor for Linux.  Not only is it a cool way to monitor your system use and weather information it also has been a gateway into learning more about software.  Software use and ownership is a social justice issue that gets very little press.  In schools Scratch  is a widely used free software learning platform, however how many students access Scratch via Microsoft Explorer?  In other words propitiatory software dominates the software market in educational institutions.  This seems very counter productive as students who study away from campus that use free software may experience restricted access to documents, virtual meetings and other learning materials and experiences.

Free Software is also a teaching tool that could be utilised across curricula that add new dimensions to project based learning.

Anyways…Conky code can be found in the conky.rc or the conky.config file.  Playing with this file not only changes the look and information in your Conky but it also provides a real time software code learning session.  This article outlines how to prep your computer for the maximum Conky experience and it shows users how to manipulate their code step by step….Have a go…

Vanishing Conky

Using :ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Conky can be a bit tricky.  LXDE does not always play nice with Conky.  When I clicked the desktop or a folder on the desktop Conky would vanish.  In my conky.conf file (in the etc folder) I changed the own_window_type setting from desktop to normal:

own_window_type desktop <————> own_window_type normal

All seems well now, no more vanishing Conky, thanks to this thread from ubuntu

For Lubuntu 14 Users….Rock your Conky

Lubuntu uses an LXDE desktop environment.  LXDE is built on Openbox and sometimes has issues with composting.  I had Compton and I installed xcompmgr via Synaptic.  (I bet I don’t need both)  and I made them start at boot by writing:

@compton -b &
@xcompmgr -n

in the autostart file (/~/username/.config/lxsession/Lubuntu)

I had some window drawing issues until I fixed my conky……

In the conckyrc file one must fiddle with the own window configuration;

# Create own window instead of using desktop (required in nautilus)
own_window yes
own_window_transparent yes
own_window_type desktop
own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager
own_window_argb_visual no
own_window_argb_value 255

own_window_argb_visual yes was the original setting.

The conky was downloaded from Here


What you are viewing is my newly unbricked htc one x running CyanogenMod 10.2. I unlocked the phone a while back and it ran HTC sense and jellybean. I tried to get fancy and install CyanogenMod 11 snapshot. It got stuck in a bootloop.

With android tools android SDK and android studio installed I got adb to work and…..boom..adb sideload mania. I also replaced Clockworkmod as it had no adb side load option.

This post is from my newly revamped HTC one x….Cyanogen

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